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Optimisation and Licensing Assessment

Maximising Value with AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA)
AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) is a valuable program offered by First Distribution that aims to assist new and existing customers in assessing and optimising their current on-premises and cloud environments. This free program is specifically targeted towards small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with Windows workloads, particularly those utilising on-premises infrastructure. By participating in AWS OLA, organisations gain valuable insights into their resource utilisation, third-party licensing requirements, and application dependencies.
The primary objective of AWS OLA is to enable SMB customers to evaluate the benefits of migrating their workloads to the AWS Cloud. By leveraging the program, businesses can develop a robust migration and licensing strategy on AWS. Through the assessment, AWS OLA generates a comprehensive report that models deployment options while considering existing licensing entitlements. This report helps organisations make informed decisions regarding their cloud migration journey and optimally utilise their licensing resources.
By participating in AWS OLA, businesses can uncover opportunities for cost optimisation, identify potential performance improvements, and gain a deeper understanding of their current infrastructure. With this valuable knowledge in hand, organisations can confidently plan their transition to the AWS Cloud, ensuring efficient resource allocation and minimising licensing complexities.

Benefits of OLA

AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) offers several compelling benefits that empower organisations to optimise their resources, reduce costs, and explore flexible licensing options. Here are some key advantages of participating in AWS OLA:

Rightsizing Resources

OLA helps businesses evaluate their current resource utilisation, both in on-premises and cloud environments. By analysing actual resource usage, the program identifies opportunities to rightsize infrastructure and optimise resource allocation. This allows organisations to eliminate wastage and achieve maximum efficiency in their cloud deployment.

Cost Reduction

AWS OLA enables businesses to identify cost optimisation opportunities. By analysing resource utilisation and recommending appropriate instance types and sizes, the program helps organisations optimise their infrastructure costs. It provides insights into potential cost-saving measures, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and reduce their overall cloud expenditure.

Flexible Licensing Options

OLA takes into account third-party licensing requirements and existing licensing entitlements. The program helps businesses explore flexible licensing options available on AWS, such as Bring Your Own License (BYOL) or utilising the AWS License Manager. By leveraging these options, organisations can maximise their licensing investments, optimise software usage, and reduce licensing complexities.

Informed Decision-making

Through the comprehensive report generated by AWS OLA, organisations gain a deeper understanding of their current infrastructure, application dependencies, and licensing requirements. This empowers them to make informed decisions regarding their migration strategy to the AWS Cloud. By having a clear view of their resources, organisations can plan their cloud journey effectively and ensure a successful migration.


How it works:

Maximising Efficiency and Cost Optimisation: A Closer Look at AWS OLA

Optimisation and Licensing Assessment

Assess the consumption, cost, and provisioning of your Windows workloads on premises and in AWS.

Scope and Workloads

Determine prospective workloads to optimise

Collect Data

Collect utilisation data for workloads, using Migration Evaluator or third-party tooling.


AWS or APN Partners analyse the data to model cost and optimisation scenarios.


Review the results of your OLA and build your business case or start a migration proof-of-concept.

AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment

Evaluate your Windows environment to reduce costs and optimise compute

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