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Is it more expensive to buy AWS through FD?

Not at all, as an AWS partner you will not only get your partner discount you will also get extra benefits by buying your AWS consumption through FD .

How can I get an estimate of my expected costs for AWS? 

By visiting the AWS Simple Monthly Claculator *here* you can input the services you are expecting to use and the tool will in turn give you an estimate of your expected costs .

Who do I speak to regarding a query I have?

Best would be to route your query through the First Distribution AWS team, we will where possible assist with the query.

Will AWS still support my services if I buy through distribution?

Most defnitley, your support on infrastructure will still be handled by AWS, you also have access to an additional layer of support through the First Distribution AWS team.

Is there a fee to join APN?

Yes there is an annual membership fee of $2500 for APN partners wishing to upgrade to either standard, advanced or premier tiers.

Can i retake partner Accreditation Courses?

Yes you can retake the assesments as many times as you like.

How do i access partner training?

Partner training can be accessed from the APN portal under the training tab.

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